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Sports betting has attracted a large number of gamblers from all over the world since ancient times. Modern technologies have transferred bookmakers to the virtual web, which has made it possible to make an even greater breakthrough in the world of sports betting. Time passes, and the world does not forget the history when players made various risky bets and at the same time took a big jackpot with them. It is worth noting that all stories are united by the amount of the bet. In all cases, it is 50 cents.

50 cent bet

Our selection of unusual bets in history opens with a Spaniard who bet 50 cents on a 13-game ticket. Many would not believe this story, but he covered his strategy and history of results on his Twitter account. This story took place in 2018. The young Spaniard placed a 50 cent bet on Spanish football teams. By the evening, 12 out of 12 bets were made with a positive result. He had $4,000 on his balance sheet. He could walk away with the money or take a chance and bet Betis to win against Leganés. And he decided to take a chance. As a result, he walked away with a $10,000 jackpot as Betis defeated Leganes 3-2. Subsequently, this game was consecrated as the most epic in sports betting.

Attempt number two

A few years later, Agustín Doblado, who is a partner and fan of Real Betis Balompie, bet 50 cents on a ticket that brought together as many as 14 teams. History repeated itself, but the number of teams increased. If at least one of the bets of the line did not play b, the player would not receive anything. Approaching the end of the win, when the number of successful bet wins was 13 teams, the betting company offered to close the ticket and pay the player $4,000. However, Agustin refused, and later, when Verdiblanco won, he received $ 9,500 from the office. History almost repeated itself, and at the same time, the players did not use any tactics. They only cheered for the teams of their favorite national team.

Wrong closing of a bet

The 2015-2016 season saw a life-changing event for one dedicated Leicester City fan. The protagonist bet £50 if Leicester wins the championship. If the club had won the title, the fan would have won £250,000. The club successfully made it to the final, and when the decisive match began to surpass their rivals, the bookmaker offered the fan 72,000 pounds. He agreed and, as a result, greatly regretted his deeds. Ultimately, Leicester City won the Premier League, but the fan failed to take the £250,000 jackpot. However, this one is quite successful for a bet of 50 pounds.

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